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As the days grow colder and the nights draw in, it's the perfect time to turn our thoughts to creating a cosy haven at home. 

As we prepare to turn on our heating but monitor our energy usage, we have focused on clever ways to keep our homes feeling even snugger this autumn season. With so many choices on you can certainly ramp up the cosy factor with some cost effective choices, and transform your home into the perfect sanctuary. 

Rugs can be simple yet impactful

Rugs are a firm favourite, whether you have hard floors or carpet – they can instantly add warmth and a feeling of comfort. A brightly coloured or textured rug can act like a piece of 'floor art' and give a room real personality and a focal point. Layering rugs is also an option for a feeling of deep pile sensuality underfoot. Rugs are really versatile and can work in every room, and you can play with large and smaller sizes to suit your style and budget. With thousands of rugs to choose from you are bound to find your perfect one.

Add warmth with lighting

As the daylight fades and the darker evening draw in we rely more and more on artificial lighting. Our lighting works harder in the autumn as it needs to illuminate our space as well as creating the right atmosphere. Having a mix of light providers, either floor, desk or wall is a great way to be able to dial up and dial down a room's ambience depending on your needs. Light bulbs also play a key role, so selecting the correct wattage for the light can be another way to add extra warmth to your room.

Comforting colours and textures

Colour and materials can instantly change the feel of a room, and adding pops of warmth with cushions and throws can be really cost effective. If you are feeling brave you can mix and match or you can keep the overall look neutral so as not to distract from your rooms' decor. Throws are really versatile and can be used to snuggle under on colder evenings, or can be artfully draped over furniture during the day to add personality to your space.

Cosy curtains

Curtains not only provide privacy and frame our windows, they also play a role in keeping the heat inside our homes – preventing it leaking out of our windows. Thermal curtains and blinds can really help solve this problem and can reportedly reduce heat loss by up to 25%. They can also work on internal doors, preventing heat loss to porches, hallways and conservatories.

Create a sleepy sanctuary

Seasonal changes always prompt us to re-think our bedding. Swapping to a higher tog duvet and flannelette sheets help us all get more cosy and achieve the perfect nights sleep. By adding extra layers with warm blankets and throws it means you can add more or take them away so that you are the perfect temperature as you drift off.

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