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+ 1046% -- A Garden office

Features like an outdoor office space have soared as working patterns have changed. The proportion of property listings that mention them now is 11 times higher than a decade ago. That’s a whopping increase of 1046%! And we aren’t talking a shed with a desk in it here. Many of the homes with garden offices currently for sale come fully equipped with mains electric, their own air-conditioning systems, and of course, WiFi.




+589% - Bi-fold doors

Bi-fold doors are second on the list, up by a huge 589% compared with 10 years ago. They are a highly sought-after feature for buyers. “They enable people to use space flexibly and extend their living space seamlessly into the outdoors.”




+114% -- Under floor heating

Under floor heating allows you design your dream house without bulky radiators taking up valuable wall space. It can be installed in every room of your home, although retro fitting is difficult, and can be used as either the primary heating source or as a secondary heat source. Toasty toes !



+74% -- Open-plan layouts

Open-plan living is having a resurgence in 2022, as flexible space is prioritised. Our 10-year comparison suggests that home-owners are swapping separate dining rooms for more modern open-plan layouts, or home office space. Dining room mentions in property listings are down by 28%, while open-plan mentions are up 74%.




Renewable heating / solar panels

Unlike costly fossil fuels, which are dwindling fast, renewable energy is secure, readily available and effectively infinite. Renewable heating systems offer a reliable and energy-efficient way to help us reduce our carbon footprint, and could also deliver long-term fuel savings. Additionally, " smart " heating controls are a great way to control your energy usage, and reduce costs.




Log burning stoves & open fires

Using wood burning stoves is a great way ofcutting carbon emissions as logs are a low-carbon source of fuel, they also look, and feel great, truly making any room look its best. Burning wood also reduces heating bills, especially if your home is 'off the gas grid' and you rely on more expensive oil. There are wider benefits, too, for the economy and environment.