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Now is a great time to market with buyers waiting !


Many people believe that Spring is the best time to sell, however, the market has changed in recent years and now it isn’t actually as seasonal. It is true that the housing market tends to slow down during the school holidays, and the year end, as families have other priorities so trying to keep your home tidy when the kids are trying to have fun can be hard work.


The good news, September always sees a flurry of people looking to move and be settled for, dare we mention it, Christmas !


1.Motivated buyers


Would you like to be in your new home by the end of the year, entertaining family and friends? Buyers out hunting in September are focussed on this. For many Christmas becomes a deadline and really motivates them into making an offer sooner, rather than later.

2. School admission deadline dates


Did you know that many school admission deadline dates fall towards the end of the year, ready for placements to be issued in February. Schools are a key reason why many families move. For these people, they need to be moved into the area in order to have the best possible chance of getting their preferred school. These families tend to start house hunting as soon as the summer holidays end.

3. Focus on those cosy features


September is a time where gardens become less of a must-have. Buyers still love them, but homes which struggle with outside space often sell better in September as buyers mindset turns towards cosy features, such as open fires, and wood-burning stoves. Make sure yours is lit for any photos.


4. Improved views


Does your home have a view ? Is it blocked out by the trees in full leaf ? As Summer turns into Autumn the trees start to drop their leaves. All of a sudden buyers can see your views and this in its own right can be a key selling feature to your home!


5. The kids are back at school


This is the most obvious reason of them all. Both home sellers, and home buyers with families delay any moving plans because of the Summer holidays. Come September, the kids are back at school and they have much more free time. Houses become easier to keep tidy. Potential buyers appear more relaxed, many choosing to view when the kids are actually in school.


Are you considering selling ? 


If so, now is the ideal time.


In previous years Rightmove has reported a significant increase in traffic volumes in September.  


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